We are convinced that organizing events and federating people around Blockchain is a fun way to learn about this fascinating but highly fast changing domain that impacts all sectors with high value added transformation.

We hope that you enjoy our conferences on ZOOM and that you will want also to eventually contribute to the club by proposing events or propose help somehow. You can drop us an email at : blockchainhec@gmail.com

Our objective this year is to make AMA sessions (Ask Me Anything About) about all major crypto projects with the biggest transformational impact, including the top 10 crypto market cap projects. The presenters are the main ambassadors (Lead tech or marketing advocate, CEO, COO,...) and are all willing to answer all your questions after the presentation. To give you few examples, we welcomed TEZOS, HEDERA HASHGRAPH, CHAINLINK,...

Big names are also in the pipe for the next months...Stay tune :)

We thank you all for your participation to theses sessions and for all your live questions. Because, beyond the zoom presentation of the project ambassador, the value of these zoom conferences is demultiplied in the Q&A discussions during the live exchange so please keep on joining us, participating and asking your questions live, don't be shy ;) !

I wish you a nice end of summer or/and a good resumption at work if you had holidays,

Looking forward to learning with you at Blockchain@HEC,

David, on behalf of Blockchain@HEC's team Co-founder Blockchain@HEC

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